Tips for Cleaning the Living Room

1. Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture should be knocked through at regular intervals. However, to avoid creating too much dust in your home, place damp cloths over the upholstery and only then knock them out. The dust is caught in the cloths and held there.

2. Carpet Cleaning

Carpets should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week. Carpets should be beaten out, carpets should be cleaned of dirt with a vacuum cleaner. Important: do not shoo, shoo with the vacuum cleaner over the floor, but vacuum the carpet very slowly and thoroughly. When knocking out the carpet, the knocker is only applied to the underside of the carpet. The upper side is brushed out.

You can hang the carpet over a pole to knock it out, or in winter you can place the top of the carpet on newly fallen snow and knock it out. The snow refreshes the colors. In summer, the thawed lawn can replace the snow. If you don’t have a garden to knock out your carpet, you can do it completely dust-free in your home: Place the top of the carpet on a damp bed sheet and knock out the carpet. The damp cloth holds the dust and also freshens up the colors.

3. Removing dog hair from carpet and upholstery

For smaller areas, a coat care glove for horses (rubber mitten with pimples) is helpful, for larger areas a vacuum cleaner (regularly remove the suction head). Dog hair can also be easily removed with disposable rubber gloves. First, moisten the glove with water and then simply work forward with circular movements! Wide adhesive tapes are also good for quickly removing dog hair from upholstery.

Dog and cat hair, as well as cigarette ash or lint,  can also be removed quite easily from upholstery by covering the upholstery surface in strips and overlapping with self-adhesive wrapping paper. When the paper is removed, the dirt sticks to it. A steam cleaner or steam mop is great for getting rid of odors and bacteria.

4. Television

Televisions and stereo systems are quite delicate to care for, as too much moisture will harm you. Care of housing and screen (only when the unit is switched off): Dust off with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. The screen is also treated so that you can see clearly again in the evening.

5. Blu-Ray Player

Dust is removed from this unit with a soft, clean cloth. Do not use detergents, chemicals, or compressed air to remove dust.

6. Stereo

What’s right for the TV is cheap for the stereo. Simply drive over the device with a soft cloth. Do not use solvents such as alcohol or petrol for cleaning.

Cleaning the speaker: Clean the cabinet with a soft cloth. Remove the dust from the speaker cover using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Never touch the loudspeaker directly with the suction pipe without the attachment! The speakers don’t like that at all. Also, do not use any cleaning agents for the covering.