House cleaning in 90 minutes

Do house cleaning in just 90 minutes? With the principle of quick cleaning, many a missed cleaning action can be made up for. With these tips & tricks, you are always ready to clean a room in just 10 minutes!

If you occasionally write about tips & tricks for domestic cleanliness, then you can easily get the impression that everything blinks and shimmers in our house despite children and work. The windows and washbasins all invite you to look at them without streaks. And every room is just waiting to inspire imitation in Pinterest-worthy photos.

But nothing could be further from reality. While I’m writing this article about quick cleaning, our home is already screaming for the following tricks.


When life gets between the ambitious plans and me, then I often stay afloat for a long time with spot-cleaning like the 5-minute Blitz-Clean. Also with the plastering plan for besides some large plaster can be dealt with. But if everything has to flash very quickly, then quick cleaning is perfect.

In the race against each other, all rooms are cleaned so quickly that the home radiates peace and quiet in a manageable amount of time. And with only 10 minutes per room, the inhibition threshold is also pleasingly low. Get yourself a steam cleaner you can and get ready!


The time required depends on some basic factors: A 250 m² house lasts longer than a 50 m² apartment. And an apartment, where everything is always cleared away, is also finished faster than a chaos stall.

The goal is to finish each room in about 10 minutes. For a bathroom, it may take 15 minutes. To do this requires a bit of physical effort and also involves a workout.

To achieve this, you should create a clear path – i.e. all rooms are easily accessible without stumbling overplaying toddlers. In the best case, the whole family is away from home or each family member takes responsibility for a room.

If only one-third of the floor is accessible in each room, then it is best to gather the family the day before to tidy up all the rooms together.


The Blitz house plaster is not intended to cover all beds freshly or to descale the showerhead. The aim is to create the basis for an all-round clean feeling in all rooms as quickly as possible. This includes

  • dedusting
  • Clean surfaces & floors
  • Objects are in their place
  • Cleaning of common objects and surfaces
  • Collect and dispose of garbage


The required materials should all be within easy reach and easy to transport. Any unnecessary step to searching or fetching required products prolongs the procedure. I got myself a cleaning caddy for it, which more careful cleaners probably have long ago at the start. The following things should be in it:

  • Cleaning cloths, preferably made of microfibre for easier cleaning and in different colors
  • kitchen roll
  • All-purpose cleaner in a spray bottle
  • Scrubbing agent (sodium bicarbonate works great!)
  • Microfibre glove for dust removal
  • brush
  • sponges
  • window cloth
  • Garbage bags (it is best to have really large ones so that the garbage can contents of all rooms can be collected in them)
  • Floor cleaning cloths
  • lint roller
  • Rubber gloves or disposable gloves (optional)
  • Disposable wipes from the roll (optional)
  • Citric acid for stubborn cases (optional)
  • A steam cleaner


  • A big plastic tub, a big basket or a big box.
  • vacuum cleaner
  • floor wiper
  • dust wiper
  • Possibly: Laundry bag
  • MUSIC! (best some of the faster variety)

With quick cleaning, every room was cleaned, tidied up and cleaned at high speed from top to bottom. In the end, everything is vacuumed in one pass (or at least per floor), and floors that are to be wiped wet are all done one after the other.

The trick: Everything that doesn’t belong in this room goes into the tub; laundry into the laundry bag, garbage into the garbage bag. When one walks to the next room, the things that have their place there are taken out of the tub. This saves a lot of unnecessary wandering back and forth and thus a lot of time.

  1. Step:
    Quickly clean away everything that is standing around – in its place or in a tub, garbage bag or laundry bag.
  2. Step:
    When surfaces and floor are free, dust from top to bottom and wipe with a damp cloth.
  3. Step: Remove
    children’s hands on the windowpane with the window cloth very quickly.


And again: Now is not the time to sort out a drawer or find a solution for the earrings! In case of doubt, things without a home are first packed into temporary accommodation and tackled at the next opportunity.


  1. Toilet cleaner put in the toilet, a tab in the water, toilet brush put in. So it can work while the rest is done.
  2. Take everything that does not belong in the bathroom and empty the waste bin into the tub/laundry/refuse.
  3. Bath mats rolled up and put in the laundry (since they can be quite heavy, I put them rolled up in the hallway instead of dragging them with the laundry from room to room).
  4. Wipe the mirror and window with the window cloth.
  5. Spray washbasin, shower/bathtub with cleaning agent and wipe off.
  6. Clean the WC and put all the cleaning towels and towels in the laundry.

Extra tip: Before the old towels end up in the laundry, use one of them to collect fluff, hair and other coarse dirt from the floor. This saves time later when wiping the floor.


The kitchen is usually a chapter in itself and so I concentrate on the things that don’t happen every day during the quick cleaning action. For me, this includes dusting, wiping cabinet fronts, and taking away everything that does not belong in the kitchen. Dishwashing, wiping off the worktop and cleaning away crockery happens every day anyway, so I won’t do it within this time frame.


When all rooms (on one floor) are finished, vacuum cleaners and/or wipers are used. Finally, the garbage bag is put in the bin, the laundry bag to the washing machine (bonus points are given if the bath mats, towels and cleaning rags land directly in it) and the leftovers in the tub are distributed.


Wear comfortable clothing and keep a water bottle within reach.

Most garbage is usually household garbage. With a lot of paper and plastic waste, more waste bags are worthwhile.

If lightning is a regular occurrence, you can occasionally integrate things that are not cleaned so often – light switches, door handles, doors, lamps,…

If your home hasn’t seen a cleaning operation for quite some time, then spread the quick cleaning over two days and tackle only half of the rooms at a time.

The power of the timer

To get up to speed and be really fast it can help to set a timer. It really makes a difference if the time is stopped!

After cleaning, make a note of which things are to be done in the near future: For example, getting something for the earrings, sorting out a drawer or making fresh beds.

A vacuum cleaner robot is really practical – it can vacuum a large room while the next room is being cleaned.


If you don’t have time or rest for the whole program, try one room and ten minutes.

I am convinced that these tips & tricks will help you to simplify everyday life and enjoy life more.