In honour of the relationship forged between the International Confederation of Midwives and Toronto, we created a custom crafted sterling silver charm bracelet as well as three meaningful charms.

The pinard is a midwife's symbol of trust and tradition. This charm is custom crafted in sterling silver to help celebrate the importance of midwifery around the world.

This unique sterling silver charm, a pair of hands, poised and ready for a mother in which she may place her trust, symbolizes the unwavering support midwives give before, during, and after a woman is in labour.

The maple leaf symbolizes the highly anticipated arrival of the ICM Triennial Congress 2017 on Canadian soil in Toronto. It is the recognized symbol of Canada and also represents unity, tolerance and peace. Welcome to Toronto!

Toronto is a sophisticated, cosmopolitan city with a compelling combination of natural escapes, Canadian heritage, ethnic diversity and a growing urban core with big-city amenities like shopping, arts and dining. It is truly Canada’s Downtown.

Toronto, Canada welcomes the ICM and looks forward to celebrating this momentous congress in our city!

Charms will be available for purchase at the Canadian Association of Midwives booth (1421) located on the ICM Triennial Congress 2017 trade show floor.